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Unleashing organisations potential energy

We put people, teams and organisations back in there energy.


He worked for 7 years at Incentro, with enthusiasm. Learned a lot about himself and teamperformance. Worked on being an ultramodern employer with Incentro and lead the way to the transformation towards a self organising company. Always ambassador of the culture of Incentro.

Edwin stops at Incentro, the company that formed him, to start his own company and to focus on unleashing potential energy. To increase the impact in the world with his skills and personality. Thats why: Edition – Unleashing organisations potential energy.  Your company can use some energy, a little spart or a complete transformation.

Edwin vertelt over zelfsturing

Prototype as promise

Enjoy the potential of our prototyping way of working.

With a purpose and mission in mind prototyping, that’s our promise  That’s how Edwin transformed the Rotterdam office of Incentro towards self management. We promise to do the same for every assignment, especially for you. We promise to prototype together with you, make mistakes and learn from them. Learn together.  Getting successes and continue building on top of that. Check our project: Prototyping.work

Unleashing organisations potential energy




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