A little while I got interviewed by Lisa Gill from Tuff Leadership. Actually my first international interview for a podcast, pretty cool. What made it even more cool, is that I was following Lisa’s podcasts (and blogposts) for a while now.

It was a very pleasant interview, and I got to share a lot of my experience and my vision. I’m very curious what you are thinking of this episode.

The topics we discussed:

  • The route to Self Management at Incentro Rotterdam

  • Becoming a learning organisation

  • Distributed Decision Making

  • Minimal Viable Teams

Edition edwin podcast

Listen now

Her description: Edwin van der Geest, former Managing Director and Self-Management Ambassador at IT company Incentro, talks about the transformation he led for several years. He shares practices they’ve developed, including self-set salaries and Minimum Viable Teams, and the challenges and triumphs they experienced along the way.

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