Why this Role Canvas

When you are in a stage to divide the work in your team or Organization and want to use the latest principles, then this might be a tool for you. The Role Canvas is a tool to help you define all the roles needed in a team or Organization, in a fun way.


Who is this Role Canvas for

  1. Small companies – Starting with organizing based on self-management principles
  2. Teams – Who want to take control in their own hand and better divide the things to do
  3. Agile coaches & Scrum Masters – Who want to align their team(s) on the team’s purpose
  4. HR business partners & HR managers – Who want to help teams in forming the right teams
  5. Workshop facilitators – This is a useful guide to create a team designing workshop
  6. Organizational Designers – Designing the structure of an organization, then it’s also important to design the roles within teams.
  1. (team) Purpose – Before you start using the Role Canvas, make sure you have a clear team purpose.
  2. Brainstorm – Now brainstorm the possible roles, using post-its. Start with, as much as possible, then prioritize later.
  3. Design roles using the canvas – Start with the most important roles. Use the Canvas to design the roles and the scope.
  4. Match team members with roles – When all roles are clearly defined, match the roles with the team members.
  5. In case of conflict or mismatch – Fix it! Sounds simple, but make sure to fix any conflict or mismatch.
  6. Part of a rhythm – When you make it part of a rhythm, to discuss any frictions or improvements. You make sure you grow as a team, using roles.

How to use the Role Canvas

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