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Unleashing organisations potential energy

We are excited to unleash your potential energy.

He worked for 7 years at Incentro, with enthusiasm. Learned a lot about himself and teamperformance. Worked on being an ultramodern employer with Incentro and lead the way to the transformation towards a self organising company. Always ambassador of the culture of Incentro.

Edwin stops at Incentro, the company that formed him, to start his own company and to focus on unleashing potential energy. To increase the impact in the world with his skills and personality. Thats why: Edition – Unleashing organisations potential energy.  Your company can use some energy, a little spart or a complete transformation.

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Edition is  devoted to deliver the highest quality of services, with their wide range of experience and knowledge. And especially from the power of personal energy.

  • International focus – cases, inspiration and knowledge from all over the world

  • Energy guaranteed – we are here to support the world with more energy

  • Prototyping – We gained so much knowledge and experience, just by experimenting and learning


Unleash potential energy!

Unleashing the potential energy of people, teams and organisations.

Met een visie en doel in het hoofd prototypen, dat is onze belofte. Zo heeft Edwin samen met Incentro de Rotterdamse vestiging getransformeerd naar een zelfsturende organisatie. Zo beloven wij ook jouw organisatie te helpen. We beloven dus dat we protypend te werk gaan, fouten maken en daarvan leren. Samen met jou. Successen boeken en daarop verder bouwen.

  • Energy
  • Transparancy
  • Stay Foolish
Reinier edition

“You can learn to be a leader, but you can not fake to be a leader. That’s what comes to mind when describing Edwin. I’ve had the good fortune to work closely with him in several roles, and what always struck me is that every action he undertakes is intentional, well thought over and directed towards an actionable result. Furthermore, Edwin is great at giving advice. It may not be the advice your looking for, but it will be the advice you’ll need. So all in all, I regard Edwin as the best example I know of a modern day leader, one who gives you space to explore while not being shy to step in if needed.”

REINIER VAN SCHERPENZEEL, Managing Director, Incentro Rotterdam

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