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With a purpose and mission in mind prototyping, that’s our promise  That’s how Edwin transformed the Rotterdam office of Incentro towards self management. We promise to do the same for every assignment, especially for you. We promise to prototype together with you, make mistakes and learn from them. Learn together.  Getting successes and continue building on top of that. Check our project: Prototyping.work


“You can learn to be a leader, but you can not fake to be a leader. That’s what comes to mind when describing Edwin. I’ve had the good fortune to work closely with him in several roles, and what always struck me is that every action he undertakes is intentional, well thought over and directed towards an actionable result. Furthermore, Edwin is great at giving advice. It may not be the advice your looking for, but it will be the advice you’ll need. So all in all, I regard Edwin as the best example I know of a modern day leader, one who gives you space to explore while not being shy to step in if needed.”

REINIER VAN SCHERPENZEEL, Managing Director, Incentro

“It was a pleasure working with Edwin. He is a very creative professional who is able to analyze business from a holistic point of view. He has a positive attitude and is able to inspire people by his enthusiastic and authentic way of presenting. I am sure Edwin will continue his career with many great achievements and wish him all the best luck.”

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