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Loads of experience as manager and director, always a coaching attitude and a lot of energy and ideas. That is Edition. Do you have Supportive leadership challenges, stuck in your transformation program, or do you just want to talk about your role in the organisation. Of course you can, we make your unique Edition.

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Prototype as promise

Enjoy the potential of our prototyping way of working.

With a purpose and mission in mind prototyping, that’s our promise  That’s how Edwin transformed the Rotterdam office of Incentro towards self management. We promise to do the same for every assignment, especially for you. We promise to prototype together with you, make mistakes and learn from them. Learn together.  Getting successes and continue building on top of that. Check our project: Prototyping.work


“As I write this recommendation, Edwin is "spreading his wings" leaving Incentro to become an independent consultant helping and inspiring organisations to move to self-management. His mission is to unleash organisation's potential energy. I could tell you that Edwin is always people-oriented, that he has a ton of commercial talent, that he is kind, fun and patient, and much more. But since he focuses on energy, I will too. I can guarantee you that he will deliver on his promise. He will bring energy and he will encourage individuals, teams and organisations to operate in their sweet spot and develop their strength. If you need someone to challenge a status quo, someone who will shake things up and unleash potential energy, give him a call. You'll tap right into the energy that you, your team or your organisation are looking for.”

STEF LAGOMATIS, Board Member, Incentro

“You can learn to be a leader, but you can not fake to be a leader. That's what comes to mind when describing Edwin. I've had the good fortune to work closely with him in several roles, and what always struck me is that every action he undertakes is intentional, well thought over and directed towards an actionable result. Furthermore, Edwin is great at giving advice. It may not be the advice your looking for, but it will be the advice you'll need. So all in all, I regard Edwin as the best example I know of a modern day leader, one who gives you space to explore while not being shy to step in if needed.”

REINIER VAN SCHERPENZEEL, Managing Director, Incentro
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