Tailored Keynotes

Customized presentations, stories based on own experiences. Certainly a lot of energy and passion in the keynotes we are doing.

Haal je ons naar je event. Dan weet je 1 ding zeker, je krijgt energie! We vinden het heerlijk om te verbinden met het publiek en hun te inspireren tot actie.

We vinden het geweldig om te praten over onder andere de volgende onderwerpen:

Autonomy & Self management

Global Trends & Organization Design

Empowerment & Happiness

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Edition presentation

Workshops that work

Edition presentation

Workshops met energie, dat is zeker. Maar vooral ook met een concreet resultaat. Een workshop staat nooit op zichzelf, die context is een belangrijk ingrediënt voor succes. Net als de behoeften en ervaringen van de deelnemers. Die ingrediënten zijn onderdeel van onze succesformule.

We geven heel graag workshops over onder andere de volgende workshops:

Self management methods

Self Management Matrix

Find your purpose

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We love to share knowledge, our enthusiasm even more. Especially about the topics to put people, teams, and organizations into their energy.

We love to share our knowledge about these topics, and more:

Self management

Distributed Decision Making

Supportive leadership

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Edwin over zelfsturing

Prototype as promise

Enjoy the potential of our prototyping way of working.

With a purpose and mission in mind protyping, that’s our promise  That’s how Edwin transformed the Rotterdam office of Incentro towards self management. We promise to do the same for every assignment, especially for you. We promise to prototype together with you, make mistakes and learn from them. Learn together.  Getting successes and continue building on top of that.


“We invited Edwin to talk about the “Incentro story” and all about the steps they took and hurdles they faced in their progress to self-managing teams.
As a team taking our steps to self-managing, it was very inspiring to see how they are dealing with this at Incentro.
Edwin is a very motivational speaker and energetic person.”

JEFFREY DE RIDDER, Team manager, Computest

“It was a pleasure working with Edwin. He is a very creative professional who is able to analyze business from a holistic point of view. He has a positive attitude and is able to inspire people by his enthusiastic and authentic way of presenting. I am sure Edwin will continue his career with many great achievements and wish him all the best luck.”

RENILT SUIJKERBUIJK, Director North-West Netherlands, Randstad
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Energy Inspired Cases

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