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Hi, I’m Edwin, my mission is to unleash potential energy! In my experience as a Managing Director and Coach, job crafting proved to be the best way to unleash your potential energy and define your dream job. I will challenge you to not only craft your dream job, but also start with it tomorrow.

What are we going to do:

In 3 hours you will be inspired, get energized and most of all your creativity will be unlocked. You will be amazed by little surprises, inspiring examples, and useful tools to reach your goal.

Job Crafting is an art meant to let you reframe your job, sometimes with tiny changes, but always with great impact. During the experience, we will guide you through a journey of exercises which will be fun, useful and hopefully life-changing.

Your experience will start with a surprise and end with a Dutch, but a very useful extension which will make you never forget.

Available dates:

  • do. 28 juni | 10:00 − 13:00 · €125 per persoon
  • ma. 9 juli | 10:00 − 13:00 · €125 per persoon
  • do. 12 juli | 10:00 − 13:00 · €125 per persoon